Jim Moran for Congress

Every time our good Congressman Jim Moran has to run, you hear the same ol’ saw. You might hear that Jim Moran loves pork, that he says things that are stupid, he’s a DLC Democrat, and that he’s on the take. He voted for the Clinton impeachment inquiry, and, okay, this one gives me pause. But I’d like to turn my eye for a moment away from the presidential race to make an argument for Congressman Moran, who is actually an excellent representative for this district and to whom I have personally pledged my vote until he’s ready to retire. I have, I have told him this personally. And here’s why.

He voted against the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.

For that vote, I owe him mine. It’s that simple. That is how pivotal I believe that vote to have been. Moran was on the right side of Question One About Iraq (what the hell did you do that for?). He doesn’t and didn’t oppose the ongoing Occupation of Iraq because it hasn’t been successful. He opposed and opposes it because the invasion was and is boneheaded wrong in the first place. His “no” vote should carry a hefty weight. It does with me and it will until the man gives up his career in Congress.

There are other reasons to support Moran: He is on the House Committee on Appropriations, and a vote against Moran pulls a Democrat off of this powerful committee. He is an advocate for D.C. voting rights. He got into a shoving match with Randy “Duke” Cunningham over sending troops to Bosnia. God bless him.

But, for me, the bottom line is that Jim Moran made the right decision in the beginning on Iraq, and a vote for him continues to press that message, that a vote on principle, that a correct vote on such a vital issue is exestentially meaningful. If I see Moran, I will tell him, sir, I voted for you and always will, not only because I think you have done a fine job for Northern Virginia, but because you voted against the Resolution. That vote still means that much. It did, it does, and it should. Moran for Congress.