Georgia on my Mind

I know, the screen shot is a lot. But they made it that big and bad on the Web site. I cropped it a little. Not much, tho. But why not. It’s a big, big victory.

Speaking of victory, it may not be time yet to put away our wallets. We can still win Georgia. Democrat Jim Martin, Vietnam veteran, and now facing his fourth ballot appearance in this contest, versus Saxby Chambliss, who had five student deferments and one med deferment and therefore did not serve, and who won his seat by questioning the patriotism of a man who left three limbs in Vietnam.

It is difficult to imagine this race was so close as to require a runoff. But Georgia law isn’t set up to allow squeakers apparently. This is why Jim Martin has now appeared four times on the ballot. He faced a runoff in his primary, too.

So it might be worth throwing a few bucks to Martin here. I’m going to on payday. The runoff is on Dec. 2.