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Category Archives: Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk

Jesus Spoils a Picnic


The Pope’s fantasy of a new inquisition centered in the USA is beginning to see some fruit. The target is an exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery about gay love which the ironically named Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights managed to have censored yesterday. The exhibit, which has been called “bold and courageous” […]

Acts 17:30


A new study shows that, if you ask 10 Roman Catholics in America about transubstantiation, 4.5 of them will look at you blankly and go “huh?” This despite the fact that this, the belief that the wine and the wafer one consumes during Communion ACTUALLY BECOME the blood and the body of Jesus Christ, is […]

What Nobody’s Aksing About the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’


Will it be tax exempt? How about if you tea-bagging morons stop making idiotic Reductio ad Hitlerum analogies and find that out so you can make an actually rational argument, would you do that for us, please? Because, my tea-bagging friends, if this frackin’ thing is tax-exempt, then you might very well have a couple […]

Hoosier Daddy


I’m only half-kidding when I say that I think that candidates for President, Senate, and Congress should be allowed to take a “Family Values Exemption,” that is, they swear never to harangue their constituencies about so-called “family values,” and then if it comes out that they’re fucking around, they get a free pass. It should […]

Lord, Hear My Prayer


Since I’m at a hotel this week, I get to read the USA Today, America’s favorite short-attention-span news delivery vehicle. There is a story in there on page 6D about how Franklin Graham of the Jesus Grahams is all upset and junk because the Pentagon has nixed his plans to have a prayer meeting in […]



I am sitting down to a fine plate of Tex-Mex food and am now watching Dook just widen the gap to ten vs. West Virginia with 5:42 in the first half, and I realize that I have yet to do my duly duty by sitting down to Blog Against Theocracy. God-damnit! What to write for […]

There's Always Home Schooling


Home schooling has, traditionally, been a resort of conservatives. This trend is likely to change now. For the record, if you’re a Thom Hartmann listener, you’ve known for quite some time that the Tejas Bored of Edumacation could possibly decide to gut its curriculum in favor of “conservatism.” You also understand that the bizarre changes […]

Yeah, That 'Haiti Sold Its Soul' Stuff Was Bad, But…


…if you listen even more closely to Marion “Pat” Robertson’s comments today, you hear something even more nefarious than what’s being cropped and reported to you. Here are the comments you will hear. And, yes. They are reprehensible. [The Haitians] under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they […]

The Brit Hume Puzzler


I don’t know why I bother to read Tom Shales. I usually don’t. Dude’s got the sweetest job in the world, but he’s not very good at it. But in today’s column, he took on Brit Hume’s comments about Tiger Woods’ religious faith. In case you missed it: Shales is onto something to start: It […]

'Tis the Season to Be Jelly


On today, the eighth day of the exalted holiday known as Zappadan, which is really going great gangbusters, guys, it is time for what is becoming an annual rant about that other holiday, that of Christmas. You know, Ted Baxter’s moronic pronouncements of the liberals’ “war on Christmas” just occur earlier and earlier every year. […]