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Category Archives: It’s ‘Democratic’

I'll Never Call Him 'Tweety' Again


As President Obama gives the most important speech he’ll make in his first term, I must note that I am filled with gratitude for one Chris Matthews of MSNBC. On Hardballs last night, Matthews brought up one of my pet issues: Republicans’ disrespectful, snotty insistence on calling the name of my political party incorrectly. Transcript […]

Yeah. We'll See.


Republicans: “Democrat Party” No More WASHINGTON—Republicans have come up with another name for the opposing party—the right name. For years now, the GOP has gone after “Democrat schemes,” “Democrat presidents,” “Democrat Congresses”—all phrases from the 1996 Republican platform, repeated many times since. Twenty years earlier, Bob Dole famously declared that all wars of the 20th […]