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Category Archives: If It Weren’t For My Horse

What We’re Up Against


I’m about to relate a Facebook story to you. I know. Blogging about something that happened to you on Facebook. It does not get any more nerdlinger than that. But it’s relevant. I do post some political things to my Facebook, but I spend as little time as I can in political combat there. It’s […]

The Stupidest Thing Ever Said Has Finally Been Said


Like Glenn Beck, I am nonplussed that, no matter how hard I search on YouTube and Google and the vast B-Roll archives we maintain here at the imaginary think-tank Crack Whores for Good Government, I cannot find any footage of Sen. Robert Byrd filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It’s an outrage. Someone should […]

But Lewis, What We Really Need is Instant Runoff Voting


Lewis Black on the American political system. Our two-party system is a bowl of shit looking in the mirror at itself. … Basically, the last eight years, I feel, the Republicans stood around farting and the Democrats went, ‘Ooh, let me smell it.’

Oy Vey Iz Mir


A last thought from me regarding Helen Thomas. I listened to Randi Rhodes yesterday defend the hell out of Thomas, saying that 27 seconds of video or audio on the YouTube shouldn’t instantly mitigate a 67-year career. I disagree, frankly. Here is, specifically, the exchange that got Thomas “retired.” Thomas, White House correspondent for Hearst […]

But Dick Blumenthal Is


An avid Howard Stern fan such as myself cannot help but think of one of Stern’s classic bits these days: Stern’s Vietnam stories. Stern, born in 1954, was just a bit on the young side to have served; he’d have been 19 in 1973. Still, Stern would regale his audience with his war stories. Am […]

William Gheen Is An Ignorant Redneck


There are, frankly, so many kinds of stupid in the news today that it is really, really difficult to know where one should begin. I reckon I could begin with William Gheen, who is an ignorant redneck. Gheen represents an organization called “Americans for Legal Immigration,” a political action committee which in part states as […]

Black and White and Read All Over


No. HE'S the Assman.


“He’s using his opinions to try to deny care to other people. Think about it. He says that he’s concerned that the Obama plan is going to end up denying care to his patients, so he’s gonna deny care to his patients.” Rep. Alan Grayson, regarding the palsied logic of Dr. Jackass Cassell of Florida, […]

The Democratic 'No' Votes


Rep. John Adler (N.J.) Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.) Rep. Michael Arcuri (N.Y.) Rep. John Barrow (Ga.) Rep. Marion Berry (Ark.) Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.) Rep. Rick Boucher (Va.) Rep. Bobby Bright (Ala.) Rep. Ben Chandler (Ky.) Rep. Travis Childers (Miss.) Rep. Artur Davis (Ala.) Rep. Lincoln Davis (Tenn.) Rep. Chet Edwards (Texas) Rep. Stephanie Herseth […]

New Rule


Some of our four or so of our regular readers may find the following statement to be a bit abrasive. But, there you go. New rule: Anyone who says, “there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans” doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. I know that progressive commie liberals such as myself aren’t […]