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Category Archives: Howard Stern

Newt is Right About Shooting the Moon


(The original post of this was by Papa Bonk, below. You may want to read that first. But his and my ideas on this were so alike that I thought I’d just steal from him. Thanks, Papa.) The funny thing is that PB and I had not spoken about this issue, not once, until we […]

Wowie Zowie, Baba Booey!


From Gary Dell’Abate’s They Call Me Baba Booey: My parents and my brothers each had their own pile of albums. My dad was a sucker for the Columbia House record deals and he’d send away for opera and big-band stuff. He loved Tommy Dorsey and Harry James, and would try to teach me the differences […]

Hi. This Is Sal Governale.


There is an essential idea that is often discussed on The Thom Hartmann Show that I find a valuable touchstone—in fact, he’s just discussed it now. What is wealth, as in, the wealth a nation creates? Hartmann maintains that wealth is only actually created in manufacturing, when you collect resources, apply a process to the […]

Langford Unleashed


I’m not being funny when I say this: Howard 100 News bulldog Steve Langford has gotten himself one hell of a story, one that KIAV has touched upon a time or two now: Privatized prisons. The background: Stern wack-packer Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, 39, best known for countless unsuccessful attempts at blowing smoke through his eyes, […]