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Hoodie Hoodwink


It is too easy to become captivated by a thing such as the Treyvon Martin case and also to go after arguing about the wrong thing regarding it. That is where I am, unfortunately. I had one of these stupid arguments with a kid at work, a kid who is fond of finding interesting tidbits […]

John Nichols Sheds Light on the Castle Doctrine Laws


Just got home from my day job and was listening to the rerun of the Thom Hartmann Show. He had Nation journalist John Nichols on. And Nichols really connected the dots for me on the “stand your ground” kind of laws we discussed recently. You know who works behind the scenes to get these laws […]

Not Bloody Likely


And I had to really scour to find the story I refer to in the previous post. Most of the news stories I’ve found on the Internet about gunshots at the home seemed more like this (dateline Alba, Texas): Alba-Golden Student Fatally Shot in His Home Written by Clayton Neville Wednesday, 19 January 2011 07:11 […]

This Doesn’t Add Up


I’ve been scouring the Internet today looking for anecdotal evidence of what I tend to think of as the most unlikely scenario in the world. I referred to the scenario in my previous post: You are a gun owner at home. You hear a noise, so you pull your gun out of your nightstand. You […]



Many years ago when I was a news reporter in Northeast Ohio, there was a murder case that was the talk of the town. This guy had shot his beautiful wife to death. He said he’d heard a noise and assumed it was an intruder. He slipped into a closet with a gun. His wife […]

Gunz Yo


i got more back issues than guns and ammo cuz my uzi weighs a ton and i never let go of the handle hangin’ on to mommy’s pant leg double-fistin’ knee-deep in shells kickin’ ballistics this dick is a detachable penis an extension of my manhood positioned like a fetus an intravenous hook-up feeds bullets […]