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Category Archives: Father Of KIAV

I'm Rooting For Seattle


“I kind of had gone through these four years and I found myself sayin’, ‘Hey, Lord, you know, I really want to win football games and wind up coming out of this with a platform that I can honor you,’ ” Gibbs said. “That’s what I was trying to say to the Lord. And it […]

Tom Tancredo, Meet John Grisham. Ah. I See You Have Already.


A book review from Daddy Bonk. Man. I cannot wait to get to the Farm. * The Brethern might be one of John Grisham’s worst books. I am having a very hard time finishing it—a bad melodrama about a member of the John F. Kennedy Look Alike Caucus who is tapped by the CIA to […]

The Bar Association of Rochester, N.Y. Does Something Cool


Father of KIAV pointed this one out. From RNews: Solidarity For Pakistani Lawyers by Mike Hedeen Members of the Rochester judicial community marched to the Hall of Justice Thursday in support of their colleagues in Pakistan. Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf declared emergency rule across the country last week and imposed a state of emergency. The […]

A Modest Execution Solution


I do not believe in the death penalty. But like a lot of things I don’t believe in—the invasion and occupation of Iraq, SUVs, tax exempt churches, criminal penalties for drug use—we have them and we will continue to have them until Americans get as smart as I am. Not likely that will happen in […]