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What A Bunch Of Noisy Bullshit


Let’s get a few things straight here. 1. The United States Senate will NOT blow up the filibuster. 2. The United States Congress will NOT repeal health care reform. 3. The United States Congress WILL raise the debt ceiling. That is all.



A reporter is in a corridor in a public school and is trying to ask a question of a man who is running to be a senator in these Untied States of America. Before I continue, may I offer a brief definition of a “public school” as “an institution of learning that is financed by […]

I Don't Know, Dickhead? Who Are You?


I have to say I am surprised by this video of Rep. Bobby Etheridge going apeshit like this. In my former career as a newspaper journalist, I met Etheridge on several occasions. He is the favorite son of a little place near Raleigh called “Cleveland Township.” He was always an extremely cordial fellow. Now I […]

Attention Tea-Partiers:


Ahem. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS TO EXEMPT ITSELF FROM LEGISLATION. Congress has exempted itself from FOIA, from OSHA, from anti-discriminatory statutes, from minimum wage laws, honoraria, and probably a buncha more. Exempting itself and the executive from health care legislation is NOT an aberration. I didn’t say it’s RIGHT. I […]

The Upside of 59


I can now relay a conversation I had with Mama Bonk on Saturday. I can do so now without, you know…tempting fate. She asked me what I thought of the election in Massachusetts. I think we’re going to lose it, I said, and I think we should. MB was a bit taken aback. Why do […]

Congressman Joe Wilson Is An Asshole


That is all.



Update: Ensign has resigned (from his leadership post as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee). News is that he confirmed with Mickey McConnell that he wouldn’t be coming back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just to further fuel the schadenfreude, I looked up Ensign’s statement from yesterday to see if, […]