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I have just come from picking up some delightful food at a Tex-Mex place in my neighborhood. Good food, well priced. Very nice, we may just have to offer it a review at Sure Why Not?. But it added a thought to my rant regarding energy. In this little tiny restaurant, there was a television […]

Hmmmm…Someone Called This One.


I suspect low turnout is going to flip the district to the “Democrat” column for the first time since like 1850. MSNBC is reporting that Hoffman has conceded to the Democrat Owens. At least 82 percent. At least. Hell, I called it for more like 100 percent this go-round. Not that I like being right […]

A Prediction


With all this talk of Prudence Palin, one would think that she’s the second GOOP cumming. She’s not. Liberals of America, get your fists read for Piyush “Bobby” Jindal. He suffered a similar fate as did Prudence Palin. He got pulled too early to the national stage and got horribly embarrassed by it. And when […]

Technical Difficulties


Please stand by.

McWeirdsmile Predictions


I predict that “presumptive” “presidential” “nominee” John Sidney McWeirdsmile will announce his pick for “running” “mate” by COB Aug. 1, and probably sooner than that, probably more like Monday, July 28. The McWeirdsmile campaign had a horrific week, and they know they need a bump. They’ll announce and try to ride the glide for a […]

Here's What Happens


On March 4, Barack Obama will win the Republic of Tejas with double digit margins. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will win Ohio by 5 or 6 points. Since she, not Obama, is actually the candidate “using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” Hillary Clinton will follow this meek win with a barnburner of […]

A Prediction: The Obama Roll Takes Off In The Potomac


I am so utterly excited to get to vote tomorrow. Usually, I cast my vote at this time knowing that it won’t do a thing. I am convinced tonight that my vote won’t just be important. I think it will be decisive. I predict that Barack Obama will have a near shutout in Virginia, Maryland, […]



I predict that Rachel Maddow of the Air America Radio will have her own television program within three years. I also humbly suggest you immediately download today’s show if you haven’t heard it yet. Hear Rachel go toe to toe with Lou Dobbs and hold her own and even charm the man. She is so […]