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Category Archives: Early and Often

Instant Runoff Voting


Last evening’s election events—called spot-on by this amateur wonk in this blogspace last evening, by the way—offer me an opportunity to speak with you for a moment about an electoral concept that every American ought to take a moment to digest at some point in their political lives: Instant runoff voting. Last night in Arkansas, […]

Here's How It Pans Out Tonight


Sestak beats Specter in Pennsylvania. Halter forces a runoff in Arkansas. And Rand Paul wins in Kentucky.

Happy Birthday to the League of Women Voters


If you’re on Facebook, stop by and become a fan of the League of Women Voters. This fine organization will be 90 years old tomorrow. Let’s remember that this is an organization with, well, balls. In 1976, 1980 and 1984, the nonpartisan organization sponsored the presidential debates. In 1988, the group’s board voted to withdraw […]

Election Day


I love voting. I do. I love to vote. Probably for the same reason that I keep this blog; because I’m a hyper-opinionated a-hole. Also, though, because I believe in it. I believe voting is the great equalizer. I don’t earn what Don Trump earns, but he and I have exactly the same number of […]

I Don't Think The Washington Post Will Mind…


…if I lift this entire piece completely. Go vote. Some Facts About Today’s Primary Today is Democratic primary day in Virginia. When can I vote? Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Must I be a Democrat to vote? No. Virginia does not register by party and has open primaries. Any registered […]