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Category Archives: Dickie’s Such An Asshole

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi


It is vital, I think, when trying to decant whether or not the “Benghazi scandal” is a political witch hunt or not (it is), to remember a little history, to remember exactly how and when the tragic turn of events regarding the attack on a diplomatic outpost (note: NOT THE EMBASSY, WHICH IS IN TRIPOLI, […]

Oh Yeah.


Why are right-wingers so gleefully attacking a woman who dared to speak out about the trials of women whose school refuses to cover contraception as part of its regular health care coverage that the school requires them to buy? “Because it works,” says Anita Hill.

Behave Yourself


Andrew Breitbart here exhibits the pure, unadulterated psychosis of the political forces that make up today’s Republigoat Par-tay. Note the authoritarian language that first inspires him here. Note also the awesome irony, or should I simply say idiocy, of a middle-aged fat guy being dragged away by cops as he screams at a gaggle of […]

Newt is Right About Shooting the Moon


(The original post of this was by Papa Bonk, below. You may want to read that first. But his and my ideas on this were so alike that I thought I’d just steal from him. Thanks, Papa.) The funny thing is that PB and I had not spoken about this issue, not once, until we […]

Kitteh Iz Librul


I have just sat down to spend a little extra time with my kitteh. She is a sweet red-haired kitteh who likes the top of her head scratched and who sometimes likes to rub her gums on my arm. Yeah, it’s weird. She also likes you to find that one spot just behind her ear. […]

John McBoobies Strikes Again


It is one thing to embed this clip of Failed Presidential Candidate John McBoobies’ slip of the tongue here, and to laugh at it, and to rather inelegantly refer to it as a “Freudian slip” (I do not believe for a moment that John McBoobies actually harbors deep subconscious wishes for an additional term for […]



I heard that Willard Romney was going around sometime today hitting President Obama pretty hard on jobs. Just wait for the jobs numbers to come out later today. Republigoats do not every acknowledge the egg that’s on their faces. They just allow it to drip and fester there. Romney will have a fresh coat upon […]

I Have One Thing To Say. Sashay. Shantay.


I think it’s time for the Democrats or some non-related corporate person of some sort to really explore and illuminate the subject of repressed, self-loathing homosexuals. Like, there should be a two-hour documentary about it on the MSNBC, for example. Or political spots. And I’m thinking let’s get some guys who are former self-hating homosexuals […]

What The Occupy Protests Actually Mean


I think there’s a thread missing and an enormously broad question not being asked and investigated regarding the Occupy protests, and, as is often the case, you will be hearing about it first here at the ol’ KIAV. The question, quite simply, is why now? Why not three years ago? Why not during the horrific […]

Am I The Only Mofo Around Here Who Owns A Google?


Stupidity on the part of the right wing, I’m used to, so much so that I often just block it out like traffic noise. Stupidity on the part of librals, though, really pisses me off. MICHELE BACHMANN SAID IF YOU DON’T WORK YOU SHOULDN’T EAT! OH MY GOD! SHE’S A TERRIBLE PERSON! JESUS WOULDN’T HAVE […]