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Get A Brane, You Moran!


In case you’re wondering, we did our job here in the eighth district of Virginia. Rep. Jim Moran decimated opponent Patrick Murray tonight with a 23-point lead. You won’t see this district’s election in the headlines. And that’s a shame. Because the election here in the Peoples’ Republic of Arlington is the real story. You […]

A DIRE Prediction


The front page of The Washington Post on Sunday morning gave me all the information I needed to realize a rather dire prediction: Democrats are going to LOSE in November. Here’s how the story begins: Now on Democrats’ agenda: Budget cuts By Shailagh Murray Saturday, September 4, 2010 The candidate was outraged – just outraged […]

Harry, You Know What To Do


I predict that today’s Pennsylvania primary will bear out this oft-quoted (here) observation by President Harry Truman: I’ve seen it happen time after time. When the Democratic candidate allows himself to be put on the defensive and starts apologizing for the New Deal and the fair Deal, and says he really doesn’t believe in them, […]



Also, Mr. Hartmann has quoted this several time throughout today’s broadcast. It bears repeating here and is outlandishly topical: The people don’t want a phony Democrat. If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article every time; that is, they will take a […]

Massachusettes [sic]


I try not to resort often to quoting Aaron Sorkin’s master stroke, The West Wing. Seems trite. Today, as a Democrat licking his wounds, one can hardly help it. And hard-core fans know exactly—exactly—what reference I’m about to make. From the episode titled Six Meetings Before Lunch. Toby Ziegler, White House Communications Director, watches with […]