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The Middle Class is not ‘Normal’


Editor’s Note: I do not normally lift entire opinion columns and reprint them here. However, I find the following to have been so important and compelling that I think it’s worth pushing the limits of fair use. I just don’t want to lose track of the points Thom Hartmann makes here. Just so you know, […]

Thom Hartmann Deconstructs the Boston Tea Party


Holy Crap


Thom Hartmann has just pointed out to me one great advantage to pushing “Medicare for Everyone” instead of the “Public Option.” “Medicare Part E” could more easily qualify for the reconciliation process. He did qualify it with “I’m not the Senate Parliamentarian,” of course. But a bill that seeks to expand an existing entitlement would […]

Hi. This Is Sal Governale.


There is an essential idea that is often discussed on The Thom Hartmann Show that I find a valuable touchstone—in fact, he’s just discussed it now. What is wealth, as in, the wealth a nation creates? Hartmann maintains that wealth is only actually created in manufacturing, when you collect resources, apply a process to the […]



It was weird. One moment, I’m listening to Thom Hartmann debate a backwater preacher fellow of some sort about hate crimes legislation. The next, I’m hearing Air America’s Nicole Whatshername. She’s pleasant enough, so I keep listening; what the hey. Then she walks into one of my favorite rakes. The caller was saying that the […]

Rendering History As So Much Gibberish


Am knee-deep in The Thom Hartmann Show today. He’s addressing good stuff, specifically the outlandish shenanigans the Conservabots are performing with regards to American history. Glenn Beck, apparently, has now co-opted the memory of one Thomas Paine: Do we really think that Paine ever said “we’re mad as hell?” Thom Paine was that century’s Howard […]

I Finally Get It


I have been trying to wrap my head around the Employee Free Choice Act. Now I get it. There are two ways to form a union. You can vote, or a majority of the bargaining unit can sign a piece of paper. As it stands now, though, an employer can tell you and your signed […]

Sweet Merciful Crap!


So, NovaM Radio, home to Randi Rhodes and Mad Mike Malloy, has not only (allegedly) failed financially, but there’s a little bit of batshit crazy going on over there, allegedly. LTR has the scoop, as usual, in the form of a letter from Rhodes’ attorney. They’ve gone bankrupt. They stopped paying people two weeks ago. […]