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Category Archives: Zappadan 2010

Merry Christmas Eve


I spent some time last evening cleaning up the wrapping paper on Zappadan. You know how it is, just because the holiday is over doesn’t mean there’s not work to do. I considerably expanded the Zappadan 2010 blogroll in my sidebar, and I intend to keep it there through the year as a reminder to […]



It is sad to see the Zappadan holiday season come to an end. I always enjoy it so. As you’ve seen, this year, I chose to create a book report of sorts on Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography. It has been the third time I have read the book. From what others have written about […]

And They Called That ‘Doing Their Thing’


From Barry Mills’ Zappa: A Biography: [Zappa’s record label] Bizarre did a deal with Warner/Seven Arts to distribute their records on Reprise. …Now all they needed was some ‘product’ to release. …Warners must have had severe misgivings about their involvement with Bizarre. The distribution deal meant that Warners had to pay Zappa each time he […]

‘Dweezil’ Will Be Just Fine


Happy Zappadan Eve. A lot of people who do not follow Frank Zappa often like to intimate that he was crazy because he named his son “Dweezil” and his daughter “Moon Unit.” Would you have preferred “Motorhead?” From Barry Mills’ Zappa: A Biography: As Frank left for London he told Gail: ‘If it’s a boy, […]

Wowie Zowie, Baba Booey!


From Gary Dell’Abate’s They Call Me Baba Booey: My parents and my brothers each had their own pile of albums. My dad was a sucker for the Columbia House record deals and he’d send away for opera and big-band stuff. He loved Tommy Dorsey and Harry James, and would try to teach me the differences […]

Gotta Find My Roogalator


From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography: By this time there were a number of people living at Kirkwood, including a groupie called Pepper, whom Frank had introduced to the house, but who was now running after Arthur Lee. There was also a singer called Bobby Jameson whom Frank was working with. He arranged Jameson’s song […]

…Must Have Been the Wrong Time…


From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography, regarding the Freak Out! sessions: The session musicians were shocked to find out they had to play from charts: Frank set up a podium in the middle of the studio and showed up wearing a swallow-tailed conductor’s dinnner jacket, a red and yellow striped shirt and an Iron Cross. […]

My Smile Is Stuck


From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography: Don Vliet (later known as Captain Beefheart) was in Frank’s year at AVHS, but they didn’t become friends until 1958, when Vliet saw Zappa hitch-hiking one day and gave him a lift. ‘I couldn’t help it,” said Vliet, ‘he looked so wobegone.’ They were almost the same age (Zappa […]

Blow Your Goofy Saxophone, Son


Am in the midst of a Zappadan mutual admiration contest with irisclara over at The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing. This blogger is really putting some great stuff out there, as are a bunch of other folks of course. That’s the lovely thing about Zappadan. There’s always something useful under the tree. Like this. I’ve not […]

Grunion Run


From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography: Paul Buff [of Pal Recording Studio] was still cutting tracks, one of which was the instrumental ‘Tijuana Surf.’ Buff wrote it and played all the instruments, and Frank did the same for the B-side, ‘Grunion Run’. (A grunion is a small fish the size of a sardine. Late at […]