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Category Archives: Brawndo’s Got Electrolytes

Weird Equivalency and Another Thing


I woke up this morning as I often do, with a recorded Randi Rhodes show playing. And there was the caller who was, and I am not kidding, insisting that there is some equivalency between how Prudence Palin ended her career as governor of Alaska and how Janet Napolitano ended her career as governor of […]

A Slip Of The Tang


Here at the imaginary think-tank the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology, the latest story regarding Prudence Palin somewhat reminds us of yet another presidential gaffe made some 30 years ago: MAX FRANKEL, New York Times: Mr. President, I’d like to explore a little more deeply our relationship with the Russians… Our allies in France and […]

I Am Not Making This Up


Oh, the analogies. The analogies. Cops: 5 Attacked Man With Flag Pole in Wantagh By Timothy Bolger on November 4th, 2010 Five men, including a father and two sons, were arrested for allegedly beating a Wantagh gas station worker with American flags on Tuesday night. Nassau County police said an employee at OK Gas Station […]

Who Has Put This Pubic Hair On My Blog?


Here’s one thing that’s got to be noted, I think, regarding the recent dust-up between Gin Thomas and Anita Hill. As you will recall, the wife of U.S. Justice and Alleged Porn Freak Clarence Thomas called Anita Hill and asked her this, as quoted in a previous post here at KIAV: Good morning, Anita Hill, […]

Dammit Dammit Dammit


Not once in Thom Hartmann’s debate with that Cato guy does Thom mention that privatizing the USPS WOULD REQUIRE A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. WTF?

Education ≠ Business


…and kids ≠ bluberries. Read all about it here.

The Constitution Is A Marxist Screed


Apparently, the Constitution of these Untied States of America is a Marxist screed. Didja know that? Delaware candidate for Senate Prudence O’Donnell does. During her debate with Democrat Chris Coons, she said this. She actually said this. So when you look at [Coons’] position on things like raising taxes, which is one of the tenets […]

English MF, Do You Speak It?


First, let’s get the silliness of the week out of the way: Last week, America was transfixed on the “issue” of whether or not a community cultural center would be built in a certain neighborhood in NYC; this week, America is transfixed on the notion that a candidate for senator said once on television that […]

Rock Bottom


Hi. We’re back. No, we weren’t down. We were just laying low because Terry Jones was threatening to burn us. Actually, yes, the site was down yesterday. Sorry about that. Dreamhost had to fsck. So. I knew the day would come. Knew it, knew it, knew it. Knew the day would come when one of […]

Stole This From Twitter.


Prudence Palin was just kidding when she used the word “refudiate” in a sentence. She has a wonderful self-defecating sense of humor.