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Category Archives: Infrastructure

Our New Favorite Television Program At the S.P.I.T.


We don’t often advocate for a television program here at the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology. But the History Channel is now broadcasting a program that’s pretty darned important. It’s called “Inspector: America.” Season pass it dude. Seriously. The show features Timothy Galarnyk, a construction inspector, as he examines the infrastructure of the Untied States […]

The Infrastructure Expectation and D.C. Metro


One point I failed to make in my previous post regarding infrastructure. I argued in that post that key to solving the energy crisis is the larger issue of infrastructure. I wrote as an example of my own ability to never ever hardly drive because I live in the D.C. Metro region, an area that […]

The Infrastructure Expectation


We went to dinner, and I forgot to reset the DVR to record the Prez this evening. So, what I’m writing here might be somewhat disjointed. Which is too bad because it really shouldn’t be. I drive a four-door sedan. ‘Murcan made. She’s eleven years old. And she has 63,000 miles on her. This is […]

The First Thing Hilda Solis Should Do…


…now that she’s been sworn in as Secretary of Labor is to meet with Paul Rinaldi, Executive Vice President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Rinaldi is a frequent guest on The Ed Schultz Show, and, from what he says, this country’s in deep crap when it comes to the state of our air traffic control […]

Kudos to Parade


Parade is that little insert in the Sunday paper I usually thumb through for a second if I even bother at all before it goes in recycling. This week, Parade worth a look. “How We Can Save Our Roads” is not overly ambitious editorially, though it is good for specific examples of novel approaches some […]

It's Such a Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever


Harry Shearer is awesome. Not only was he Derek Smalls. But he is well worth a subscription over at the HuffPo. Because it is useful to be updated on what’s happening in New Orleans. There are certain things that it is useful to remember. Hurricane Katrina is one of those touchstones, as is Terri Schiavo, […]

Money Can Be Used in Exchange for Goods and Services


Below, an embedded suggested listen, Thom Hartmann’s interview today with Stephen Zarlenga, Director of the American Monetary Institute, about reforming our monetary system. I don’t no much about no monetary policy. But I like the nexus of monetary policy and infrastructure investment that this guy throws out. Interesting. P.S. Good reading on this subject at […]



I daresay. Rachel Maddow does special commenting just as good as does The Keith. Transcribed from her broadcast of December 18, re: recent ice storms and subsequent power outtages in the Midwest: We are the richest most powerful nation in the world, and we apparently are unable to get electricity to the middle part of […]