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Happy Easter


I might have mentioned that Walt Whitman was an enormous fan and a friend of Robert Ingersoll. Ingersoll in fact eulogized Whitman in 1892. I recommend reading the eulogy. These are lovely words. Understand, Ingersoll was a great reader and a lover of words. Hear what he says about discovering Shakespeare, with the same passion, […]

Dresden, NY, Redux


April 7, 2012 How to travel if you’re me: Find the thruway and begin to get on the thruway. Realize you don’t have any munny. Make an illegal U-turn and go to Wal-Mart and buy that underwear you’ve been needing so you can also get some cash munny. Put on AC/DC’s High Voltage as loud […]

Dresden, NY


March 19, 2012 I drive alone to Dresden, NY, eager for a road trip, having not had an excuse for one in quite some time. It’s a beautiful day, untimely for upstate New York, with the crisp air just shaking the snow off its boots. I drive mostly on thruway to the Seneca Lake area […]

Programming Note


As you are all probably aware, the high holidays for many faiths are upon us. Jews, Christians, and even Pagans, probably among others, will be celebrating their spring holidays, and mazel tov to them and theirs. I will once again be observing the annual blogswarm known as Blog Against Theocracy. This is because I believe […]



Happy Easter to everyone. Today, I understand, is the celebration of the hallowed day when Jesus Christ himself was resurrected from the dead, and then a bunny rabbit crawled out of his ass and laid eggs that tasted of peanut butter and chocolate. And then Jesus made ham and sweet potatoes out of a single […]

Coming Up: Blog Against Theocracy


Coming up April 22-24 is the annual blogswarm, Blog Against Theocracy. I snapped a picture one afternoon in sunny downtown Rochester that I thought might be useful. I’ve created a slap-dash banner from it in the sidebar, slap-dash because my only computing resource these days is my reliable little netbook that I have yet to […]



I am sitting down to a fine plate of Tex-Mex food and am now watching Dook just widen the gap to ten vs. West Virginia with 5:42 in the first half, and I realize that I have yet to do my duly duty by sitting down to Blog Against Theocracy. God-damnit! What to write for […]

Happy Easter


Wishing my Christian friends and neighbors a glorious day today. I for one have always wondered why the whole resurrection business hasn’t seemed to take into account a perfectly logical explanation, that Jesus had a twin brother. But what do I know. I did want to note that the Blog Against Theocracy blogswarm is an […]

Freedom… IS the Distance


In the course of history there were only a handful of governments I would have been happy to live with. The USA tops the list. Other nations have produced long-standing and free societies… most of them in Northern Europe. No place on the list of good governments will you find a religious state. I do […]

A Curse For The Rest Of Us


The Blog Against Theocracy blogswarm is an excellent excuse for me to address my fellow secular humanists regarding language. This is an eccentric theory I have been working on for quite some time, but it is still under development, so bear with me. One problem with being a secular humanist is that there’s a lot […]