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Creigh Deeds Waxes Philosophical…and Wrong


The Washington Post and Shitty Corporate Mouthpiece today offered a weird little profile about failed gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds. The profile says that Deeds has since kept his head low, has kept generally quiet aside from being laughed at by Stephen Colbert, that he’s been “down in the dumps” regarding his loss, and that Deeds […]

Pickett's Charge


Today, in an ongoing effort to help Virginia Gov. Bog McDonnell celebrate Confederacy Appreciation Month, we’d like to take a moment to remember Confederate Gen. George Pickett. Pickett, who was a Confederate general, did I say that already? was perhaps one of the biggest losers of the entire whole Civil War and therefore is an […]

Let's Commemorate The Confederacy Right


Elections have consequences. We’ve certainly seen that statement ring true here in Virginia. Since the Democrats decided that they didn’t really care about winning the governor’s seat in 2008 and ran a candidate against Bob McDonnell who hadn’t been able to successfully defeat him for attorney general, we’ve seen the McDonnell administration do everything it […]

Virginia's Temporary Sanity


Something happened to me yesterday morning that I never thought would. I SWAPPED open the front page of yesterday’s The Washington Post and Shitty Corporate Mouthpiece, and what was written there made me laugh. Not just a tee-hee, but a full-out belly laugh. And the thing I was laughing at had nothing to do with […]

Yes, Virginia, There Are Homosexuals


Hey, Virginia. Meet me at camera 3. What the hell are you so surprised about? August 30, 2009. The Washington Post and Shitty Corporate Mouthpiece reports: At age 34, two years before his first election and two decades before he would run for governor of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell submitted a master’s thesis to the […]

Duh Der Doy Duh


The Washington Post today editorializes about Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s seeming inelegance on budget issues early in his term. One note in particular caught my eye: We’d ask the same question about his much-vaunted transportation plan. The governor said he would raise hundreds of millions of dollars to build roads by selling off state-run liquor […]

Old McDonnell is a Privatizing Maniac…E-I-E-I-O


Papa Bonk has a theory that the polls here in sunny Virginia aren’t as accurate as they could be. Back in the day, PB predicted the stunning victory here of one Lawrence Douglas Wilder. He thinks Mr. Deeds’ efforts might be better rewarded here than common wisdom foresees, for the same reason he picked Wilder […]

Uh…Don't Blame Me. I Voted Moran.


The Virginian-Pilot today eviscerates the two morons who have been jockeying for your vote for Governor of the Commonwealth: By the time Virginia’s new governor takes his oath of office, the state’s long-term road and transit budget will be $4.6 billion poorer than it was last spring. Virginia is dismembering not just its transportation future, […]

Don't Blame Me. I Voted For Brian Moran.


Here’s a question: Why in the wide wide world of sports did this stupid Virginia Democratic party nominate/elect a fellow to run against Bob McDonnell who didn’t know how to defeat McDonnell for attorney general in 2005? That seems pretty stupid to me. Am I wrong? Could that perhaps explain why Deeds is polling at […]

Chicago and the Privatization Scam


Anyone who still thinks Bob McDonnell has a good idea to solve Virginia’s transportation woes by selling off the liquor stores for $500 million—a price that seems pathetically low, considering that the stores generate $180 million annually to the general fund—should peek at what happened to Chicago and its parking meters. Chicago parking meters went […]