June 1, 2012

Joe Biden

By Brady Bonk

I have been remiss in not mentioning how awesome Vice President Joe Biden is.

This is one of the most inspiring and heartfelt addresses I have heard a public official offer in a long, long time. I am way overdue in recognizing it.

March 18, 2009

PB's Gonna Hate This

By Brady Bonk

The NCAA bracket as seen by the President of the United States.

Michigan State? Michigan State?!? WTF, Barack?!? You’re a Kansas guy! Dude! Rock Chalk!

P.S. I am listening to Vice-President Joe Biden on C-SPAN Radio, a replay of comments he made about an hour ago. I just wanted to note that Joe Biden is a much better vice-president and a much better human being than the previous inhabitant of that office. I know this is rather obvious. I just wanted to state it here anyways.