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Category Archives: Up Against The Wall Motherfucker

Constitution Schmonstitution


This event occurred like four years ago at the National Press Club, but it is worth remembering today. A reporter drilled Gen. Michael Hayden, then deputy director of national intelligence, on the Fourth Amendment. Hayden quite confidently denied that the event includes the phrase “probable cause” and that the standard in said amendment is actually […]

Anarchy in the USA


I heard an ABC Radio news reader this morning refer specifically to the “anti-capitalist” protesters in sunny Pittsburgh as “anarchists.” If our media is so liberal, then how come these a-holes were never referred to as “anarchists?” Update: Well. Here’s some scary film from Pittsburgh. Some guys in fatigues drive up, shove some kid into […]

Don't Tase Me, Bro'!


One lefty blogger who makes me sick with envy is, of course, digby, who has today taken on an issue guesting for Greenwald that I’ve wanted to write about for a while now: Tasers. Very nice work of course, which said everything I would have said. This country really needs to take a skeptical look […]

Why Remember?


In my sort-of hometown and at my Alma Mater last night, beginning at about 11 p.m., a candlelit-led procession marched along a specified route on campus, bound for a residence hall parking lot. The four leaders took their places in the lot, holding the candle within a velvet-roped square, taking the first shift of a […]

To Ron Charles of The Washington Post


Mr. Charles: In the March 9, 2009 edition of The Washington Post, “On Campus, Vampires Are Besting the Beats,” you wrote: Nicholas DiSabatino, a senior English major at Kent State, is co-editor of the university’s literary magazine, Luna Negra. As a campus tour guide, he used to point out where the National Guard shot students […]

Must-Read: Today's The Washington Post Magazine


Deadly Force: A detailed account of the unwarranted (literally, the warrant was “on the way” at the time and later proved to be incomplete) raid on the Berwyn Heights home of Cheye Calvo and Trinity Tomsic—the town’s mayor and his wife, during which the S.W.A.T. team shot the couple’s two dogs to death and apparently […]

Only In George W. Bush's America


This story is hardly to be believed, until one reminds oneself that it occurred in George W. Bush’s America. It sticks out to me because it occurred in a tiny little town I visit frequently because my lady friend lives there. (Also, good to know that at CNN, they eschew that pesky AP style.) (CNN)—Federal […]