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Category Archives: Thou Shalt Not Kill

Give Me Convenience or…


The words come from an unlikely context and from an unlikely man for this blogger. It is an impassioned call to war from a Founding Father who led opposition to the Constitution’s ratification. But I maintain that its sentiment means, specifically, that what’s going on in Georgia tonight is fundamentally un-American. He is reported to […]

More Mercy Than He Deserved


I’m sure it was utterly coincidental that on the same week my favorite fictional serial killer discovered one of the most horrific pitfalls of his personal regimine of captial punishment, Virginia put John Allen Muhammad to death. Not the same situation, of course. Once Muhammad and Malvo had been arrested, I often said that I […]

'Humane' My Ass


Court halts Ohio execution, cites injection flaws CINCINNATI – A federal appeals court on Monday halted the execution of an inmate three weeks after problems with a lethal injection attempt. A panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled 2-1 to grant the request of 43-year-old Lawrence Reynolds Jr., who had […]

Priorities, People!


A leading human rights group appealed to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on Thursday to stop the execution of a woman accused of witchcraft and performing supernatural acts. The New York-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the kingdom’s religious police who arrested and interrogated Fawza Falih, and the judges who tried her in […]

Good For New Jersey


There are people in these Untied States who will picket and go to pieces over a zygote who couldn’t care less that there are full grown men and women scheduled to be pumped full of poison and killed on purpose. I do not understand these people. I actually believe them to be mentally ill. So, […]