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Category Archives: There’s A Lot Of Books Out There

Paul Rieckhoff Is Cool


My previous post mentions Paul Rieckhoff where it should probably mention Scott Ritter. I had originally misattributed that statement here, though I made the change before posting at Smirking Chimp. Nonetheless, Rieckhoff saw his name here at the KIAV and e-mailed me, offering a signed copy of his book, Chasing Ghosts: Failures and Facades in […]

And I’m A Genius, Genius


You’ve probably heard by now that David Kuo, an evangelical Christian conservative and former White House Staffer, has written a book that claims that the Bush administration was disingenuous and indeed downright dismissive of its evangelical supporters. How about a big Nelson Muntz-style cheer for my friends in evangelical circles? Ha-ha. You, fucktards, have apparently […]